Hampy The Book

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Our Vision

LaurieAnn and Hampy’s vision is to spread kindness and love.  Animals are a big part of their lives.  They give you a deeper understanding of unconditional love.

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Our Story

Over 30 years ago LaurieAnn created a character, Hampy, who, in her heart, was destined to be the light that shined in other people’s heart.  Over those past 30 years, Hampy, along with Ragfuss and Frippy, have followed LaurieAnn (Lo) around, and have remained in her heart through all the adventures of her life.

Meet the Team

Below are just three of the main characters that built the foundation of Hampy’s world.


Hampy was created in 1980.  His first book was written in 1980 as well and first published 30 years later in 2008.


Ragfuss was first introduced in a comic strip when Hampy asked for a Cocker Spaniel.  His real history came about in the book where he was a stray dog that Hampy brought into his home.  They have been inseparable since.


Frippy was introduced in the book Hampy.  He is the bird of happiness. (new photo of Frippy to come)


LaurieAnn Creator is the creator and forever thankful creator of Hampy. He allowed her to open up her own heart to being someone who never really felt she belonged. Hampy allowed her the outlet to speak to her love of life, of people, of disappointment, but coming through it. LA, Lo, Laurz, she has had many nicknames, but her best one is the one that she has her characters call her today. LA. Bet you thought it would be LaurieAnn? Yes, that too, but sometimes they just prefer LA.