Bleep Bulimia Podcast

The Bleep Bulimia podcast is all about bulimia, primarily focussing on Midlife Bulimia. How it starts, what transpires, how long some people have suffered trying to recover. Truths, triggers, and tips. LaurieAnn is a Bulimia Recovery Coach, and a Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst specializing in cognitive and grapho therapy. LaurieAnn is the author of How To Have Your Cake & Not Eat It All Too – A Guide to Adult Bulimia Recovery and soon to be the author of Sherri’s World, a fiction based on her story of struggling with bulimia for 30 years and the 10 years of being recovered that followed.

LaurieAnn is also a co-host with Roy Miller for the Podcast LIFT Your Story. She is the author of “Hampy” (which includes her illustrated character), Publisher’s Award-Winning book Make Up Not Required – How To Brand The True You, and contributing author to the #1 Best Seller 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success by Forbes Riley & Steve Samblis.