The Handwriting Gal

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It all started with my company Handwriting Speaks Volumes, which has been providing services since 2009 in handwriting analysis, providing insight to character, and grapho-therapy, helping to improve character by changing handwriting.

Now known as both I Am That Gal and HSV, I still remain true to both companies. So before you read my archive below, which states all my history, I will say that I Am That Gal originated through my mentor saying “someday you will walk in that room and they will say “There is The Handwriting Gal”. Perfect. I took that because I have been experienced in marketing for years, branding, accounting, writing, speaking. Yes, I will be The Gal… That Gal… And so my branding which I was looking for for years came along. Thanks, Bart!… so onward to information transferred from my previous site, Handwriting Speaks Volumes!

I, LaurieAnn, owner of HSV, am a Certified Handwriting Analyst/Grapho-Therapist through Handwriting University. My personal branded title of “I Am That Gal” came from Bart Baggett, Founder, and Owner of Handwriting University. It has been a true pleasure knowing and working with him for all these years.

I have been intrigued by this science since I was 9 years old and my mother had a book.  I read it.  The implications of the brain working with the hands and writing like you would drive a car amazed me.  I even hired the best Nanny in my life with her handwriting.  I had three choices.  They sent me pictures and letters.  Two were beautiful girls.  Perfect.  Their handwriting told me otherwise.  One had left and right slants.  The other had tiny writing. I remembered my readings.  The one would be emotionally unstable and the other not very social.  For my children, I needed someone emotionally stable and social.  The third picture was one of a harsh looking person.  To anyone visual, they would have not even considered her.

A little background, each one of these young women were coming away from their families and being a French nanny to my children who were learning to speak French in an English community.  They were in a full  French school in an English world.

So I looked at the pictures.  Then I looked at the handwriting.  My beautiful lady was the harsh looking one.  Her handwriting showed she was decisive, had a good sense of self, and social, and honest.

I showed the picture to my children and they were not quite sure I made the right decision.  She showed up.  18. No family near her. No English language skills.  That young lady stole the hearts of my children and stayed an extra year.  She was everything her handwriting showed her to be and more.

I still keep in touch with her and was recently asked to give her a reference interview.  I actually cried.  I can’t imagine a day without her with my children when I wasn’t there.  She was beautiful with them and we all had a hard time seeing her leave.  I had to extend and “English” version of my time with her, and how she even went above the call of duty to back me up at my place of work during the time my children were at school in accounting.  She was … is… brilliant.  Now a mother and I admire her.

Life is about choosing the right person.  I know handwriting is a big part of that.  My son would attest to this too.  Beautiful girlfriend, but possessive and he independent in their writing.  Now with one that is independent like him, yet equally needing each other.

Handwriting will show you career preferences, partners, how to deal with your children based on your compatibility, and so much more.  I live by it.  It has served me perfectly well, even when it took a few years to do my own analysis.  But in the end, all is good when you realize, sometimes it’s better not to know, but many times it’s best to know.

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