Hiring The Right Way & Selling the Right Way

I Am that GAL© Plan also includes a segment for employers or HR departments to hire the right person. This system will allow you to be able to find the right fit through handwriting analysis and other combined methods.

How does it work? That our secret, but it elevates your ability to not only match a person to the Manager, but also to their colleagues, and to the culture, you aspire to create in your workplace.

Furthermore, it is so much less expensive than going through your traditional HR Recruiting companies.

The range in price is between $1400USD to $2000USD. We guarantee our results. If the first candidate we find for you does not work out, we will find you the next one for FREE.

We also help parents find the right caregiver.

And LaurieAnn being in the Automotive Industry 15 years reading handwriting as a Certified Handwriting Expert from her customers/clients and in Sales and Marketing for over 30 years, and Roy Miller has been in the HR industry for over 40 years, and Sumit Chaudhary in the Creative and Sales industry for over 10 years, we bring this combined experience to you.

This is a proven system. Contact us for more information.